About Us

Productivity Wave, Inc. was co-founded by Patrick Carney and Craig MacKinder in 2015 and incorporated in 2017.  Merging the broad expertise and success of Patrick Carney in business management and work process analysis and improvement with Craig MacKinder’s extensive skills in integrated system development, system optimization, and standardization. They combined their complimentary perspectives with their common passions for system and process improvements to create Productivity Wave.

From its initial implementation in 2015, validating its concept and functional implementation, Patrick and Craig leveraged Productivity Wave’s over-arching philosophy of integrity, mutual performance recognition, and continual process improvement.  The Productivity Wave process was successfully implemented in 2015 and effectively used by a small business on a DoD Professional Support Services Contract through 2017.  The prototype solution’s effectiveness and time savings were measured and evaluated by Patrick Carney (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) as part of a LSS DMAIC project.  The results and analysis of the initial implementation was coupled with multiple interactions and demonstrations with Productivity Wave’s target customer base and our customers’ customers to ensure both the baseline requirements and desired benefits were incorporated into the systems design and functionality.  Productivity Wave has continually improved and been refined to reflect human engineering to enhance workforce acceptance and usability; and to reflect the needs and desires of the organizational ladder from the individual worker to corporate leadership.  As a result, Productivity Wave has evolved, and will continually evolve to provide a unique Software as a Services (SaaS) solution for tracking, managing and reporting on products and services delivered under professional support services contracts.

Productivity Wave, Inc. Underlying Philosophies

  • The customer purchasing professional support services deserves services that meet or exceed the standards defined in the contract
  • The company providing the contracted professional support services deserves fair credit for the quality and volume of the services delivered
  • The time spent monthly generating an administrative report of what was done should be minimized, which allows the time to be reallocated to more productive work for the customer

If your company provides professional support services, particularly to the Department of Defense or other Government agencies, ask yourself two questions; Do you measure up?  Can you prove it?