How do I adopt the Productivity Wave solution and Process?

Implementation/Acclimation Processes

  • Productivity Wave, Inc. supports multiple implementation and adoption processes to evaluate, monitor, and track service contracts to ensure successful performance of each contract
    • The ease of implementation lets high-performing companies and teams to use 100% of the Productivity Wave capabilities immediately
    • The ease of implementation and the comprehensive contract performance analytics also lets companies and teams acclimate to the Productivity Wave process with a crawl, walk, run process

Implementation: Set Up

  • The Set-up and initial training will support all implementation approaches
    • Set up contract structure in the system
    • Conversion of PWS/SOW into proper format
    • Initial Administrator and Team Member training
  • After the initial set up and team cutover to the new process
    • MSRs and reports can be produced with any of the options
    • All sorting, filtering and aggregating capabilities are available
    • Project Management capabilities are enabled

Acclimation: Crawl

  • Start with the basics
    • Productivity Wave lets your company and teams get used to the system and learn the range of capabilities without being exposed to the immediate scrutiny of their performance
    • Allows your company to monitor you a team’s or contract’s level of performance internally during the implementation process, before providing full metrics to your customer
    • Start by tracking and reporting basic total activity and output volume (Initiated, In-Process, Delivered, Cancelled)
    • Basic MSR and reporting available at this level
    • All sorting, filtering and aggregating capabilities are available
    • Most projected labor savings occur at this level

Acclimation: Walk

  • Includes all features of the Crawl process
  • Report Volume of Activity (Initiated, In-Process, Delivered, Cancelled)
  • Add either Delivery Quality or Timeliness metrics to Volume measures
    • Delivery Quality Metrics (Customer Accepted, Rework, Rejected)
    • Delivery Timeliness (simple or complex results)

Acclimation: Run

  • Includes all features of the Walk process
  • Provide full metrics in MSRs and other reports to customers
    • Volume of Activity
    • Delivery Quality Metrics
    • Delivery Timeliness (simple or complex results)
    • Use custom reports for corporate objectives
      • Project Manager, subcontractor and team member performance assessments
      • Use data for business development, marketing and proposals