How is Productivity Wave’s pricing structured?

Productivity Wave Costs

  • Monthly Subscription fee per active contract* with ongoing work activities
    • No per user fee, 100% of team members included in the monthly subscription
    • Productivity Wave’s objective is to reduce the monthly fee per contract
  • Initial contract set up fee based on complexity of the PWS/SOW and size of contractor team (prime and subcontractors)
    • Support to set up contract structure in the system (Parent/Child contract(s), Customer Organization, Events, Assign Users)
    • Support for conversion of PWS/SOW into proper format and assign appropriate Deliverable Types and CDRLs with performance standards
    • Initial Administrator Training
    • Initial team member training
    • First month reporting assistance for Administrator/Project Manager
    • Basic technical assistance and limited follow on training sessions
  • Subsequent contract set up fees similar to the initial set up but may be discounted based on the “Accounts” achieved organic capabilities
  • Access to completed and archived contract data as long as reasonable active account subscription(s) are maintained

* An active contract is defined as the lowest level contracting instrument (Contract/DO/PO/TO/etc.) containing a PWS/SOW/Task Description that work is performed against/under.  Overarching contracting instruments (IDIQ/MAC contracts, GSA Schedules, etc.) entered for administrative/organizational purposes, where no direct activity is performed, do not require subscriptions (limited set-up fees may be applicable).