What is Productivity Wave?

Purpose Built For Quantifiable Results.

Productivity Wave’s solution is a one of a kind, purpose built system for the identification, management and reporting of activities and deliverables on professional support services contracts. This web-based application allows your entire team to track CDRLs, ad-hoc deliverables and activities. This product enables your project manager to report activities with the same level of specificity as the financial and labor hours in your Contractor Performance Status Report/Monthly Status Report. The Productivity Wave solution also ensures you team meets or exceeds the performance standards in the PWS/SOW and allows you to provide your customer an inspection form, so your work is measured to the actual requirements, not to perceived standards or deficiencies.

If your company provides professional support services, particularly to the Department of Defense or other Government agencies, ask yourself two questions; Do you measure up? Can you prove it?

Productivity Wave, Inc. Underlying Philosophies

  • The customer purchasing professional support services deserves services that meet or exceed the standards defined in the contract.
  • The company providing the contracted professional support services deserves fair credit for the quality and volume of the services delivered.
  • The time spent monthly generating an administrative report of what was done should be minimized, which allows the time to be reallocated to more productive work for the customer.

The Technical Solution

The Primary Functions Supported

  • Standardized reports and compliance with MSR narrative data requirements
  • More efficient production of reports
  • Directly tied to contract standards
  • Clear measures and metrics of performance
  • Multiple filters and sorts to produce desired report content and custom reports
Business Development
  • Enables generation of performance metrics within and across contracts
  • Access to active and archived contract data
  • Includes both high level narratives and detailed data for any time period
Team Performance Management
  • Enables application of project management techniques and quality assurance
  • Clear identification of in-process activities with required due dates
  • Clear identification of assigned activity lead and participants
  • Identify and manage any performance issue
  • Ensure quality control process adherence
Personnel Management
  • Evaluate performance on a single or multiple contracts
  • Evaluate contract project manager performance
  • Evaluate subcontractor or work team performance
  • Evaluate individual employee or team member performance