Quickly run multiple reports with varying levels of detail and duration

Ensure customer value is measured and reported

Prove work history and excellence for proposals 

Easily assign and align activities to contract structure

Keep an eye on delivery dates and identify at-risk deadlines

See a high-level view of each team and task progress

Finally have a repeatable process for managing, executing, and winning new contracts.

CREATED for prime service contracts

Project management backed by 25 years of experience.

Filling the gap with value you can see.
His solution had to track the actual work being done in a standardized way, and include flexible reporting to showcase a company’s value at every level.

The final product.
He pulled from his professional experience, interviewed service teams, and researched existing solutions. Then spent the next few years iterating, testing, and working with developers to create the easiest and most intuitive solution - Productivity Wave

Meet Patrick Carney, CEO

Replace outdated and useless reporting with a simple, cost-effective process that showcases service excellence.

With 25 years in the industry, both on teams and as a consultant, Patrick designed this complete solution for professional support services on government contracts. 

The typical tools.
He saw where typical project management tools were falling short. They focused on just one facet like tracking time or managing the finances. They also needed tons of customization to truly answer all the requirements of a service team. 


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