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Intuitive Dashboard to navigate and view of top priority assignments


A list for streamlined activity management, this report enables easy viewing and manipulation of records. Users can efficiently filter, sort, and search data, while customizable views empower individuals at every level, simplifying contract program management tasks.


Efficiently record and manage details by assigning activities to the contract structure and specifying requirements from the activity's outset. Facilitate collaboration by assigning leaders and participants, ensuring seamless teamwork. Enhance organization and analysis with tags, supporting effective filtering and reporting, while providing additional impactful details for comprehensive activity tracking and customer value.

Activity records

Tailor data views to meet company and government customer needs, adjusting reports for various levels of detail. Easily modify reports to display different time periods and data segments, providing top-level measures and metrics for contract performance across a flexible range of dates and data scopes.

Top Level Performance Summary

Delve into greater data granularity within Total Performance Results while tailoring the range of information. Utilize familiar sorting and filtering options while presenting data through diverse views relevant to the contract or customer, enhancing flexibility and analytical insight.

Total Performance by PWS REPORT

Generate a comprehensive itemized list of activities for any timeframe. Tailor the report structure by arranging data into different groupings, and customize content to display more or less information based on team and customer needs. Multiple report versions can support diverse data narratives, focusing on full details or emphasizing significant events and their impact on the customer.

Deliverable Details

Efficiently monitor pending activities over any timeframe, swiftly pinpointing challenges or risks affecting delivery. Modify the report structure to arrange data by various groupings and customize content to show relevant data based on team and customer preferences.

In-Process Details Report

Customer favorites

Contract Performance Reports

Quarterly, year-to-date, and contract-to-date reports to support customer assessments.

Marketing + Business Development

Produce reports across multiple contracts and custom date ranges. Use Case Study/Narrative data to research and develop proposal content.

In-progress transaction details

Full list of tasks in-progress with supporting data.

CDRLs (Contract Data Requirement Lists)

Include CDRLs detail and performance  sections within reports and ensure they're completed per contract requirements.

Customer Business Unit

Analyze volume of activity by Unit and trends over time. Use to rebalance resources or justify funding/resource levels.

User & User Role

Identify activities by user and user role for resource loading. Analyze user and trends over time for performance assessments.

Customer Event

Full list of tasks delivered with supporting data.

Deliverable Type

Support specific customer reporting requirements like meetings with specific team members and more.

Deliverable transaction details

Identify recently completed and upcoming events for MSR. Identify the volume and total activities performed.

Second level summary by contract structure (can be changed - structure).

Total Performance by PWS

High-level summary of quantity delivered and acceptance and timeliness measurements.

Total performance summary

Easy reports and filtering.


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