Productivity Wave is a repeatable system that benefits your team, your clients, and your business.

Flexibility and efficiency so your team can thrive.


Intuitive interface

  • Tasks match the contract requirements
  • Integrated help desk with technical support, user guides, and training

Eliminate duplicate efforts

  • Meet multiple reporting requirements without individual monthly MSR inputs
  • Prepare monthly status reports efficiently

Full visibility of all contracts and tasks

  • View delivery dates and at-risk deadlines
  • Showcase excellence in client delivery on demand

Generate comprehensive, valuable reports

  • Reports can be used to support company, individual, and sub-contractor performance reviews

Show clients contract activity, volume, execution, and excellence.


Consistent, detailed, and standardized MSRs

  • Easily review requirements and performance for easy contract assessment
  • Easy and fast-read reports, delivered quickly

Support contract assessments with monthly, quarterly, and annual performance reports

  • Rearrange the report structure on the fly to analyze data to support overall goal
  • Quickly identify high-impact activities and value
  • View total performance versus individual incidents

A single management solution that identifies, assigns, and tracks status and delivery.


Eliminate the laborious and manual end-of-month MRS process

  • Repeatable activity management process across contracts (can support ISO and CMMI)

Track what your team is doing throughout the month

  • Meet multiple reporting requirements from weekly task tracker reports to annual reports in minutes
  • Evaluate employees and task managers based on actual performance data

Ensure customer value is measured and reported

  • Justify the highest rating of your company

Support proposal and business development efforts to grow your business

  • Easily search and filter to prepare proposal data
  • Create proposals that prove service excellence quickly
  • Produce measures and metrics of past performance for proposals


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