Get total team traction

After the initial set-up fee, we make life easy with a monthly or annual subscription.*

average cost per user

Monthly or annual pricing features

*Pricing ranges from $15.00 - $20.00 per user per month before discounts are applied. Productivity Wave provides discounts for Small Businesses, Minority Owned Small Businesses, Woman owned Small Businesses, Service Disabled Veteran Owned businesses and more.

Inquire to see if you're eligible for a discount.


100% of team members included
No 1-for-1 per user fee
Based on anticipated usage volume

Your set-up and initiation fee includes:

Initial administrator training

Initial team member training

First-month reporting assistance for Administrator/Project Manager

Technical assistance and training.

Support contract structure configuration in the system

Conversion of PWS/SOW into proper format

Assign appropriate Deliverable Types and CDRLs with performance standards

Additional benefits:

Can be a phased implementation, letting you grow at your own pace (Crawl, Walk, Run)

Discounts for subsequent contract set-up fees similar to the initial set-up

Access to completed and archived contract data with an active subscription

An integrated help desk with technical support, user guides, and training

* An active contract is defined as the lowest level contracting instrument (Contract/DO/PO/TO/etc.) containing a PWS/SOW/Task Description that work is performed against/under. Overarching contracting instruments (IDIQ/MAC contracts, GSA Schedules, etc.) entered for administrative/organizational purposes, where no direct activity is performed, do not require subscriptions (limited set-up fees may be applicable).


Find out how little it takes to get started.


Quickly run multiple reports with varying levels of detail and duration

Ensure customer value is measured and reported

Prove work history and excellence for proposals 

Easily assign and align activities to contract structure

Keep an eye on delivery dates and identify at-risk deadlines

See a high-level view of each team and task progress

Finally have a repeatable process for managing, executing, and winning new contracts.